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Follow in the footsteps of Devonshire Primary School ….


Follow in the footsteps of Devonshire Primary School ….


The WMFS School’s Safety Challenge provides you with a great opportunity to introduce safety into the classroom through an engaging and interactive online challenge. Pupils will learn in an innovative and fun way providing them with the opportunity to form a team to represent their school in the West Midlands Fire Service Schools' Safety Challenge. In addition there are lesson plans and resources available to further develop their learning and understanding of safety.

We visited the winners of the 2014 West Midlands Fire Service Schools’ Safety Challenge: Devonshire Primary School.  Whilst presenting the team with their trophy, we took the opportunity to find out what they thought of the experience 6 months on.

With fond memories and excitement, the children recalled their favourite part of the challenge which included: using the phone to dial 999, crossing the road to keep people safe and collecting bonus point balloons. They also spoke about the grand final held at Safeside @ Eastside and how much they enjoyed going round the interactive village, the quiz and of course winning.

More importantly the group emphasised how much they had learnt during the challenge and that they felt safer after the experience. Pupils from Devonshire Primary School recommended the experience to other schools but were confident that they could retain the title of WMFS Schools’ Safety Challenge winners in 2015.

If you would like more information on the challenge please visit, or contact  Richard Pringle, Schools Education Officer on 0121 380 6196 or

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