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Lifeskills (KS3)

Due to generous support from Network Rail, this programme currently costs only £3pp (normally £6pp)

Delivered in partnership with Birmingham School of Acting, visitors experience some powerful acted scenarios and workshop style discussions in the shop, alleyway, bus and court room, challenging them to think about some crucial issues around personal safety and responsibility and covering significant sections of the PSHE curriculum at KS3.

Topics covered include:-

  • Road safety
  • Water safety
  • Railway safety
  • Home safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Road safety
  • Financial awareness
  • Peer pressure
  • Internet safety
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Consequences of crime
  • Safer travel skills
  • Personal safety

Our philosophy is based on the value of experiential rather than theoretical learning. No clipboards are required, and we try to encourage students to think for themselves and take part. It appeals to all learning styles, and especially to those who find formal education more difficult.

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Lifeskills is only available during school hours on Tuesdays from November to March each year, so book early!

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