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Different Volunteering Roles at Safeside

Prospective guides need to complete an application form and are then invited for interview. Following a successful interview, a satisfactory enhanced Criminal Records Check is then required. Guides act at several different levels.

Trainee Guide

A new recruit who may shadow trainer guides, or help to deliver sessions, but only under the supervision of a qualified Mentor Guide.

Visitor Guide

A volunteer who has successfully completed training in the Junior Citizen programme and undergone a DBS check.

Mentor Guide

A fully trained Visitor Guide who has been identified as being an very effective guide and having skills and abilities in teaching and motivating other adults. They will act as role models for trainee guides, being willing to be shadowed and then share sessions. They will then monitor trainee guides as they undertake their first sessions and provide positive feedback to both the trainee and Safeside staff.

Leader Guide

This is a Mentor Guide who has been identified as having specific additional skills and abilities and is responsible for leading introduction and plenary sessions and managing a successful visit (meeting and greeting, timings, checking guides etc), with support from full time staff.
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